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For Effective Evangelism

You want to evangelize, but you do not feel passionate about souls? Do you want to answer “yes” to your mission to make disciples? Do you cherish the hope of mastering evangelism until you can teach it to others? Do you hope that your evangelistic experience leads the evangelised to discipleship?

This book is written for you. The main objective is to equip all who wish to accomplish this noble task of making disciples as the Lord has entrusted to His Church.

Written in an easy style, after reading it you will surely understand that all effective evangelism is guided by the concern to train new believers to become disciples of Christ, which is the main reasoning defended in these pages. In this sense, the definition of evangelism offered by Dayton and Frazer is the one adopted by the author: “Evangelism is the total process of sharing the gospel and leading people to discipleship. »

Among many others, you will be taught on the following key themes: the foundations of effective evangelism, the means of evangelism, the soul winner and the formation of disciples. And, a model of evangelism will be offered to you in order to anticipate your success in this edifying enterprise.

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Gardy St-Paulin

The independence of Haiti has extraordinary positive effects in the world, some of which are well and truly mentioned in this book. As Haitians, we must actualize what January 1, 1804 truly represents for Haiti and for the modern world, especially the black race.
In this book, the author firmly believes that Haiti will emerge from this chaos; it's just a matter of time. She broke and eradicated the diabolical global slavery system...

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Rejected Objections

By Dr. Lesly Jules

Who doesn't want to know if the Bible is really trustworthy given the apparent contradictions in it? Among others, is Jesus Christ really Who He claimed to be, namely God in flesh and blood? Is there evidence for His resurrection from the dead? Is the idea of a loving and all-powerful God compatible with the existence of evil? Why isn't God so obvious? This God, apart from the Bible, would we believe in Him? Evolution or creation, which better explains the origin of humanity? Are heaven and hell actually real places or are they mere metaphors or myths? What is the destiny of those who die without having been evangelized? And why evangelize, if the saved are already predetermined by God? Can we objectively believe in miracles, or are they just fables? Is there an absolute truth when everything seems relative? Is faith, as some think, a therapeutic crutch, and nothing more? These questions can and should be approached in an objective and intelligible way. This is the objective pursued by this book.

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Between dream and success

By Jean Ernst St-Juste

6 simple and effective steps to create a breakthrough in your life

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Rediscover SCIENCE through the BIBLE

The origin and development of science is a dominant theory in scientific thought from the 18th century to the present day. Several scientific approaches are necessary, such as the symbolist approach and the naturalist or evolutionist approach. However, the Bible, ignored by more than one, is the main book that has contributed to the development and advancement of science. This book "Rediscovering SCIENCE through the BIBLE" is a tool that will guide readers, scientists, researchers, teachers, pastors, preachers and members to discover the contribution of the BIBLE to the development of scientific inventions and advances.
Graduate and holder of a master's degree in computer science from the University of Quebec In Montreal (UQAM) in Canada; Candidate of a PhD (doctorate) in cognitive computing at the University of Quebec in Montreal; Graduated from the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Port-au-Prince (STEP). Bruel Gérançon also studied languages at McGill University and at the Provincial Linguistic Institute in Canada. Lecturer at the University of Quebec In Montreal since 2017; Researcher, scientist, theologian and co-author of several scientific articles.

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Marble Surface

“The end-time church must be more than ever a missionary church guided by the concern to make disciples for Christ.

Jean Mary Saint-Paulin, a theologian passionate about evangelization, offers us a masterpiece that will help us accomplish this noble task. »


Bruel Gérançon, B.Th, M.Sc.A, PhD (c)

Writer, researcher and lecturer at the University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada)

“Far from being an option, evangelization is an obligation. It is that of every Christian convinced that Jesus is the only way to God the Father. However, knowing how to go about it is just as important as responding affirmatively to this Christian imperative; hence the relevance and accuracy of this work offered to us by Jean Mary Saint Paulin. Good reading ! »


Lesly Jules, PhD

Founder of Raisonnons (Reasonable Faith Haiti) 

Book endorsements

“It's obvious that the author has used his theological training and burning passion for 'evangelism' and poured it into the words of his book. At a time when many believers are confused about their true mission, God can use this easy-to-read book to enlighten and align them to the Great Commission lifestyle. »

Jean Max St Louis, MATS, MDiv-Pastoral Ministry, PhD (c)

Great Commission pastor, theologian, author 

“In this important work, the author guides us through the concept and practice of Christian evangelism toward discipleship. Not only is he meticulous in his analysis of God's saving plan for mankind in Jesus Christ, but he also offers practical guidelines and examples on how to disciple new converts. This book is rich in biblical exegesis and careful interpretation of key texts on discipleship and God's loving plan to redeem mankind for glory and fame. »  

Célucien L. Joseph, PhD, author of "Theologizing in Black: On Africana Theological Ethics and Anthropology"


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