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The independence of Haiti has extraordinary positive effects in the world, some of which are well and truly mentioned in this book. As Haitians, we must actualize what January 1, 1804 truly represents for Haiti and for the modern world, especially the black race.
In this book, the author firmly believes that Haiti will emerge from this chaos; it's just a matter of time. She broke and eradicated the diabolical worldwide slave system which made the black race an "inferior race", as not having been created in the image of God, and which made slaves (blacks) movable property of their masters. Thus, the followers of the system have obstructed the manifestation of the glory and love of God for every human being on earth, seeing that these people who reduced the blacks to atrocious slavery did it under the cover Christianity and the Bible. The system therefore projected a cruel image of a loving God who loves each of His creatures equally. However, there is no question in the Bible of inflicting on the black man the mode of treatment to which he was the object in the slave system in Saint-Domingue before 1804. On the contrary, the Bible condemns all forms of injustice toward men, the weak and vulnerable (Isaiah 58:6-11; Nehemiah 5:1-13). However, because the slavers used the Word of God in a very inadequate way to justify their diabolical behavior towards the enslaved black man, they therefore trivialized both the Bible and Christianity. Moreover, they took the name of God in vain. In this sense, God Himself had to intervene to put an end to this system (Exodus 20:7), which He did with Haiti. What “honor and glory” for the Haitian people!
Haiti had been able to win the victory of independence with the help of a symbiosis that is: "Prayer & Action  smart. Even today, Haitians need it to get Haiti out of the chaos in which it is plunged. Let us pray & act with intelligence and knowledge!
The author lets us know that all that is happening in Haiti today is far from being the end or the total collapse of the country. On the contrary, Haiti finds itself at a crossroads which will lead it towards its destiny. Let us therefore open our intelligence to seize this opportunity.
Let's regain confidence and build the New Haiti!

The independence of Haiti and the relentlessness of the enemy

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