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You want to evangelize, but you do not feel passionate about souls? Do you want to answer “yes” to your mission to make disciples? Do you cherish the hope of mastering evangelism until you can teach it to others? Do you hope that your evangelistic experience leads the evangelised to discipleship?

This book is written for you. The main objective is to equip all who wish to accomplish this noble task of making disciples as the Lord has entrusted to His Church.

Written in an easy style, after reading it you will surely understand that all effective evangelism is guided by the concern to train new believers to become disciples of Christ, which is the main reasoning defended in these pages. In this sense, the definition of evangelization proposed by Dayton and Frazer constitutes the one adopted by the author:  evangelism is the total process of sharing the gospel and leading people to discipleship. »

Among many others, you will be taught on the following key themes: the foundations of effective evangelism, the means of evangelism, the soul winner and the formation of disciples. And, a model of evangelism will be offered to you in order to anticipate your success in this edifying enterprise.

For Effective Evangelism

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